Getting your roof replaced

Every situation is different. The average age of the roofs we replace is 17-20 years old.

The cost of a new roof system depends upon the size of the project, the materials involved, the architectural style of your house, market costs, and the roofing contractor you hire. Typical costs for a new roof system are, on average, about $10,000 to $12,000 to install a new roof. This is just an average; we do plenty of roofs that cost well under $10,000.

Yes & No. We are happy to share all information and answer any questions from the insurance company. However, we do not adjust our prices to match theirs, and you are responsible for paying your invoice.

We highly recommend replacing the skylights when replacing the roof. The skylights and shingles around them tie in together. So, when they do leak, the roof must be torn apart again to replace the skylight. We do not warranty existing skylights.

No. In fact, after your job is complete, we will clean out all gutters and downspouts.

If they are working correctly, it is just a personal preference. Some people like the functionality and clean look of new gutters with the new roof. But we do change plenty of roofs without replacing the gutters.

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The day of the estimate we will leave a sample board with you. We will also leave you a referral sheet with addresses, shingle styles and colors of roofs we have done. You can use this to drive around and see them in person in large. You can also look at our gallery on our

Most jobs take 1 day to complete, however larger homes may take 1-2 days.

No. We use our own dump trailers and trucks. They are
safer on your driveway.

Most of the time no, But if you have an attic fan or skylights etc., we may need you to be home so we can lay down drop cloths or wire the attic fan.

Depends on the season and the weather, but on average 3-5 weeks.

Full roof replacements come with a 10 year labor warranty from DWM. They also come with a Manufactures warranty from the shingle manufacturer.

Yes & No: We have our own in house roofing crews, but we do use a sub-contractor for gutter replacements.

The most popular time of year for roof replacement is spring & late fall, but wintertime works as well. At DWM, we work year round. In the winter we must pick and choose the best days to install your roof. Typically speaking if the temperature is below freezing, we do not work. However, we usually have plenty of nice days that are above 40 degrees and are perfectly acceptable for installing shingles.

20-30 years: The life span of a roof system is determine by several factors, like: roof system design, building structure, material quality, material suitability, proper installation, periodic maintenance, local climate, and much more.

We will remove any items attached to the roof (i.e., satellite dishes; antennas; basketball nets; wires) and they will not be reinstalled. We cannot re-install satellite dishes as they must be installed by a satellite TV contractor.




$225 for repairs

No. We will send you an invoice via email and mail and
you have 30 days to pay.

Roof Repairs

A leaking roof is a bad thing. However, it does not necessarily warrant a complete roof replacement. Talking to a professional is the best way to know whether only minor repair OR a full roof replacement is necessary.

Yes, for a $285 fee

Only if DWM replaced the roof

Most of the time no. But feel free to ask.

What else does DWM do?




No – We install the flashing around the chimney, but we
do not service or rebuild chimneys.

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